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"I have weathered many storms and survived each using the Fruit of the Spirit".

-Angela F. Jordan











  I Survived ! 



 Hopefully, our book  will help you keep the trajectory of your life on a path that is uplifting for you as you utilize the Fruit of the Spirit, your Fruit for Survival.


The Journal includes:

Assignments and Activities

Prayer Tracker


and much more

You will begin to develop a trust in God because you will begin to see the things that He has done and in your life. Seeing these things will build your faith in Him. This is called “Faith-Building.”


“Answered Prayers and Miracles Built My Faith in God”

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book- Fruit for survival-"Packed and ready"
journal- Faith-builder

about the author

Author - Inspirational Speaker - Teacher
Workshop Facilitator - Entrepreneur -Bridge-Builder

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Angela F. Jordan is the First Lady of Mt. Canaan Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee where she serves faithfully with her husband, Pastor Ternae T. Jordan, Sr.  She is the mother of three adult children: Pastor Ternae T. Jordan, Jr.; DeJuan S. Jordan; and Pastor JaMichael Jordan, Sr. Her adorable grandchildren are Deanna, JaMichael D. (Micah), Jr. , Nason  and Asa Jordan.


Lady Angela is an excellent leader and uses her leadership skills to inspire, motivate and encourage women of all ages to reach their full potential by using their God-given talents and gifts for His glory. Her greatest passion is teaching and using her creativity. She spent over 27 years as a classroom teacher and holds a master’s degree in Elementary Reading Literacy.


Lady Angela is also an entrepreneur. She became the founder and owner of Absolutely Refined, LLC “The House of Etiquette” in 2010. She is a certified Etiquette Consultant, Trainer, and Coach, having taught etiquette skills to students and adults in corporate America, schools, colleges, and church settings throughout Tennessee. Additionally, Lady Angela is the founder and owner of AngeNae Collections which was established in 2019. It is a local business in Chattanooga, Tennessee that specializes in creating hand-poured luxury aroma candles and wax melts. If you want to experience and learn more about these products, please tour our website.

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