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These fragrance candles and aroma wax melts are inspired by childhood memories of the fragrant aromas that emanated from the kitchens of my mom and grandmothers.


There's nothing like Mom's and Grandma's cooking! 

Mama Susie, my maternal grandmother, was a master baker of the delicious and buttery vanilla pound, lemon  pound and upside-down cakes.   She also, made the best fudge pecan candy bars.  Each Christmas she packaged fudge candy bars away in round tin containers lined with wax paper and gave them away as Christmas gifts.  Her recipes were her secret, but the taste and smells of her cakes and candies are unforgettable.

Mama Viola, my paternal grandmother, was known for cooking up some of the best pumpkin pies and vanilla pound cakes.  Summer visits with her in Zebulon, GA were mostly spent in her kitchen to enjoy the aromas of her baked goodies.

My mother, Lillian, was known for her yummy "Tea Cake" cookies and sweet potato pies. Teacakes and a glass of milk always awaited me and my siblings when we came home from school.  Sometimes my mother and her mother (Mama Susie) shared our southern home kitchen in Chattanooga, TN.  When they worked together in the kitchen it was double the fun, double the taste, and double the delicious aromas and fragrances.

Hopefully, these fragrance candles and wax melts that are made with the highest quality waxes will stir up some great memories of those unforgettable moments of a loved one for you, too.

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