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Serenity At Home

Updated: May 22, 2020

Often we find ourselves caught up in the hustles and bustles of life. Have you ever found yourself bombarded with things that were out of your control?

Recently, the world has been bombarded with a crises that has caught many of us by surprise; the Coronavirus disease (COVID 19); an infectious disease that has caused devastation in the world. Lives have been taken because of this ugly virus pandemic. Families and relationships have been separated, jobs have been lost, schools, businesses and church are being temporarily shut down, for an unknown period of time. Talking about chaos? The grocery stores are full of people running each other over before everything runs out, trying to get the last of the last; before stores shut down and everyone is quarantine to their homes. Yes, all of this is out of our control. No peace, nothing but chaos, confusion , fear and disappointments.

There is one place we can control. It is the atmosphere of our home. Leave the chaos outside and make your home a place of serenity. There is a quote, that I find myself saying after returning home from a vacation, "Vacation was great; but, there is no place like home." Home is were the heart is. I like to think of a home where the most intimate stories are told, caring, laughter and sharing of love takes place.

In my home, I make time for myself. I create an atmosphere of warmth, peace and serenity. Everyone should take time for themselves from time to time. Someone once asked me, what do I do for relaxation? I simply said, turn on soft serenity or worship music, turn out the lights, sit in a warm tub of water, light an AngeNae candle, enjoy the aroma and ambiance. Think about NOTHING.

My question to you. What kind of atmosphere are you going to create in your home? Will it be calm. peaceful and untroubled?

Take time for yourself. Enjoy our AngeNae Collections to help you create an atmosphere of serenity in your home.

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