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AROMA wax MELTs and No-Wick candles

Our concentrated aroma wax melts are hand-poured and are a blend of soy wax and paraffin wax.

Our cube melts and tarts vary in size because they are hand-poured.  Burn Time is 24 -48 hrs. for each cube or fourth of a tart. You do not need matches for the wax cubes or tarts. All you need is a candle warmer to activate the hot throw scent.

To prevent your candle warmer from overflowing with wax, we recommend starting with one wax cube at a time, or cut your tarts in fourths; then, building your way up to a desired scent throw. 

Our no wick jar melts are hand-poured. Burn Time is approximately 96 hours. All you need is a jar warmer to activate the hot throw. The wax will liquefy within one hour of placing it on the warmer.  Then, you will begin to smell the hot throw scent.

You will enjoy our AngeNae Collections aroma melts and tarts.

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